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Microneedling vs Chemical Peels

Microneedling vs Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels vs Microneedling – How to choose!


Chemical peels resurface your skin by applying a chemical formula that will exfoliate and in many cases, peel off the top layer of your skin. Chemical Peels at Cleanse are completely customizable and range from the most mild peel to a medical grade medium depth peel. Chemical peels work best in a series and not everyone is a good candidate for a chemical peel first treatment. Starting with a good skincare regimen can ensure your skin is fully prepped and ready for a peel!  


Microneedling uses needles to puncture the skin to increase collagen production. Microneedling is good for most candidates unless you’re experiencing active acne, have a bacterial skin disease, are on blood thinners, or have certain medical conditions. You may see results after one treatment, but to maximize the benefits, it’s best to do a series of 3-6 treatments spaced about three to four weeks apart.

 So.. How to chose!?

Both treatments address many of the same concerns in different ways but which one should you do over the other?

We choose to use Chemical peels to:

- lighten pigment such as sun spots and Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

 - prevent/treat acne

 - smooth skin texture/tone

- diminish the appearance of fine lines.

 - resurface skin

We choose to perform Microneedling to:

- minimize the appearance of fine lines/wrinkles
- prevent fine lines/wrinkles
- minimize acne scarring
- rejuvenate skin
- resurface skin

The most important step before getting a chemical peel or microneedling treatment is to consult your skincare professional to help determine which will work best for you and your needs.


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