Product Guide - Exfoliators

Product Guide - Exfoliators

With so many products out on the market, it can be overwhelming when choosing which is right for you! This is why we have created a monthly guide for some of our favorite products! This guide will provide you with pro tips, benefits, how-to-use, and which skin types/concerns the product is best for!

This Blog will be all about exfoliation!

So, what exactly is exfoliation?

As we age, our cellular turnover (shedding of dead skin while replacing them with new younger skin cells) starts to slow down. Exfoliation removes the oldest dead skin cells and is the key to boosting cellular turnover.


  • 21-28 days for teenagers

  • 28-42 days through our 40s

  • 42-84 days once we turn 50

Exfoliants can come in many different forms! They can be physical (scrubs), chemical (acids), as a mask, cleanser, serum, even moisturizer!



Daily Exfoliant is a gentle scrub that removes dirt, debris, and impurities from the skin. It also contains 100% biodegradable and renewable exfoliants!

Daily Exfoliant is best for:

all skin types! Especially those with dull and congested skin!

How to use Daily Exfoliant:
  1. Apply to damp skin and massage in gentle circular motions over the face.

  2. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

  3. Follow with the appropriate PCA SKIN® toner, treatment serums and broad spectrum SPF product in the daytime and moisturizer in the evening.

  4. Formulated for daily use in the morning or evening.

Pro tip:

If you experience any irritation, decrease usage to 2-3x/week.

PCA SKIN® - Pore Refining Treatment $64


This powerful exfoliant contains papaya, mandelic acid, pumice and other amazing ingredients! It uses three methods of exfoliation for dramatically smoother and softer skin while absorbing excess oil and impurities.

Pore Refining Treatment is best for:

all skin types! Especially those with dull and congested skin!

How to use Pore Refining Treatment:
  1. After cleansing, apply and work in gentle circular motions over the face.

  2. Rinse, pat dry and follow with the appropriate PCA SKIN toner, treatment serums and broad spectrum SPF product in the daytime and moisturizer in the evening.

    Pro tip:

Use morning or evening one to three times per week, based on skin type and condition.

FACE REALITY - Antioxidant Scrub $25

This sulfate-free scrub doubles as a cleanser and is filled with antioxidants!

Antioxidant Scrub is best for:

Anyone with skin prone to non-inflamed acne and has non-sensitive skin.

How to use Antioxidant Scrub:
  1. Apply a small amount to damp skin

  2. Massage into a light foaming lather. Do not rub aggressively.

  3. Rinse with tepid water and pat dry.

    Pro tip:

This scrub is more aggressive than others, but gentle enough to be used daily. If you notice irritation, switch to 2-3x/week.

If you are struggling with Acne, ask about our Face Reality Acne Program!

FarmHouse Fresh illumination Mask

FARMHOUSE FRESH Illumination Fruit™ Professional Strength Fruit Acid Peel - $40

This pro-strength fruit acid peel mask is a 15% blend of acids, plus naturally occurring fruit acids from papaya, organic U.S. grown blackberry and aronia fruits, and U.S. grown fermented lemon and pomegranate actives that amp-up brightening for divine illumination!

It smells like a delicious smoothie!

You will feel a little sting but receive a lotta results!

Illumination Fruit Peel is best for:

Non-sensitive skin, but if you can find a good night to stay in and be rosy red for a little bit, you’ll feel silky skin like never before!

How to use Illumination Fruit Peel:

  1. After cleansing,

  2. Leave on skin for 1 to 3 minutes

  3. Then rinse off.

  4. Follow with toner, serum, and moisturizer.

    Pro tip:

Skin will be rosy red, tingle, and feel warm for several hours afterward. Wait a day until your skin has adjusted back to normal before using again. You can then leave the mask on for longer periods of time and even manually exfoliate. See full instructions inside box.

SKIN SCRIPT - Retinol 2% Exfoliating Scrub/Mask $43

The Retinol 2% Exfoliating Scrub/Mask exfoliates while brightening to promote a clear, healthy skin tone. This mask doubles as a physical and chemical exfoliation!

2% Retinol Exfoliating Scrub/Mask is best for:

All skin types including acneic and aging skin.

How to use 2% Retinol Exfoliating Scrub/Mask:
  1. After cleansing, massage onto face, neck and chest. Allow to dry up to 10 minutes.

  2. Rinse thoroughly and follow with toner, serum, moisturizer/spf.

    Pro tip:

Use it as a mask or quick scrub!

PCA SKIN® - Acne Gel $60

The Acne Gel is a serum that effectively clears existing and future acne blemishes with this fast-acting 2% salicylic acid treatment. It also helps reduce oil production and unclog pores!

It also includes Azelaic acid to promote a clear complexion and an even skin tone.

Acne Gel is best for:

All skin types, especially oily, acneic and combination skin.

How to use Acne Gel:
  1. After cleansing, dispense one pump of product and apply full-face or as a spot treatment.

  2. It may be used twice daily.

  3. Follow with the appropriate PCA SKIN® broad spectrum SPF product in the daytime and light hydrator in the evening.

    Pro tip:

Use as a spot treatment for occasional breakouts!


Q: What is the difference between physical and chemical exfoliants?

A: Physical exfoliants loosen dead skin cells and buff them away, showing immediate results that won’t interfere with ingredients in most of your skin-care routine. Chemical exfoliants contain acids such as lactic acid, glycolic acid, citric acid, salicylic acid, etc to dissolve and slough off the top layer of dead skin.

Q: How often should I exfoliate?

A: We recommend using a physical exfoliator such as a scrub 2-3x week. Other exfoliants in serum form can be used daily.

Q: When should I use an Exfoliator?

A: We recommend exfoliating at night to avoid any sun sensitivities. During your routine, use a serum after you cleanse and tone, and before your moisturizer. If you are using a scrub, use it after you cleanse, before your toner.

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