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SkinPen + Skinbetter Package

SkinPen + Skinbetter Package

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This package is best for those who are wanting to treat acne scarring, pigmentation, diminish fine lines & wrinkles and want total skin rejuvenation!

With consistent treatments and homecare, your skin will be healthier, hydrated, rejuvenated and protected. It includes: 3 SkinPen treatments + Decollete add-on + Trio Luxe + A-Team Due Kit (includes 15ml AlphaRet & Alto Advanced). 

$1197 |  $1697 VALUE

Please note that we're located in Gilbert, Arizona

Microneedling creates thousands of ‚Äúmicro‚ÄĚ skin punctures per seconds to stimulate the skin‚Äôs natural wound healing process- inflammation, proliferation, and remodeling - to prompt tissue remodeling without causing scar tissue formation.

Find out more information on SkinPen here:

1. USE YOUR PRODUCTS EVERYDAY! Here is a simple routine to get you started. ---- AM: cleanse with your favorite cleanser, Apply Alto Advanced, Apply moisturize (can be Trio Luxe but may feel too heavy for day time), finish with your favorite SPF. PM: cleanse with your favorite cleanser, apply an eye cream, apply Alto Advanced, then AlphaRet, finish with Trio Luxe.
pro tip: There about 192 pumps in Trio Luxe. You only need to use 1/2 pump for your face, then another pump for neck/decollete & back of hands. This should last you at least 4 months. The 15 ml AlphaRet & Alto Advanced each have 75 pumps. If you use both only at night, it will last you about 2 1/2 months. If you use Alto in the AM as well, It will last you a little over a month.
2.SCHEDULE YOUR SKINPEN TREATMENTS FOR 4-6 WEEKS APART! We recommend booking them out to ensure you have your needed time slot.
3. FOLLOW PROPER PRE/POST CARE: Microneedling is a minimally invasive treatment, and most will be able to return to their normal routine after 24 hours. You may experience tightness, flaking, or sensitive skin, but should subside within 3 days. Follow your Aesthetician's recommendations.

We encourage all customers to regularly see a licensed skin care professional or Dermatologist. 

Due to PCA SKIN policy, we do not sell or ship PCA products to customers outside of the United States.

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