Face Reality Acne Program

What is Face Reality?

At Cleanse, we take pride in furthering our education to provide you with the best possible service we can. This is why we chose to offer Face Reality. Face Reality is an acne-clearing skincare system that is completely customizable to each individual. With this process, Acne can be controlled as long as you are as committed as we are.

The first step in your Acne Clearing Program is to schedule a consultation. During your consultation, we will analyze your skin and provide you with our recommendations as well as requirements. If you decide to continue, We will then provide you with our recommended products and schedule out your treatments. During your 3-4 month program, we will check in on your progress biweekly and adjust products/treatments as needed.

As always, call/text, email, DM on Instagram, or stop by if you have any questions!



For most people, acne is an inherited condition of the pores. When someone is prone to acne, their pores clog with dead skin cells much faster than normal. Healthy pores shed about one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore, but acne-prone pores shed up to five layers of dead skin cells per day.  With the right Face Reality products and treatments, Acne can be controlled


Acne Cysts occur when a person not only has an inherited propensity for acne, but also has the inherited propensity for inflammation. Acne Cysts are characterized by large red pustules and cysts. It is very painful and can leave permitted pitted scarring. The good news is that this can be the easiest acne to get under control. The best ingredients to use for cystic pimples are l-mandelic acid, salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide (sometimes mixed with sulfur). These products are effective when used in a the correct way. It is important to consult with one of our Acne Specialists to create the best regimen.


Acne can take up to 90 days to surface. Therefore, it may take about 3-4 months to clear with Face Reality and without the use of prescription medications. 


The three Acne Types are:

  • Inflamed acne: pimples, pustules, cysts, hot or warm, bleeds easily, sensitive- start slowly with products. Easiest type to treat, since it responds well to products.

  • Noninflamed acne: dull, sluggish, lots of open and closed comedones, not sensitive or reactive

  • Combination acne: most common. Combo inflamed acne and noninflamed. Do inflamed protocol first, then non inflamed protocol. Inflamed acne will always clear first. Then be more aggressive with remainder. – not severity of inflamed and noninflamed.

Is Face Reality Safe for Pregnancy?

There are certain ingredients/treatments we would avoid when pregnant or lactating. We can customize your skincare regimen to avoid those products. We always recommend consulting with your doctor before using any active ingredients.

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