4 Reasons to Exfoliate Regularly

4 Reasons to Exfoliate Regularly

Why you should exfoliate

Before you tell us you don’t exfoliate because your skin is dry, or sensitive, or have acne, or it’s just fundamentally against your beliefs… we’re going to stop you right here!

Why should you exfoliate regularly?

  1. Exfoliation removes dead, dull skin cells and makes way for fresh, new ones.
  2. Exfoliation minimizes breakouts by keeping pores open, clean, and free of acne causing debris!
  3. Exfoliation helps your skincare products to absorb properly and boosts efficacy.
  4. Exfoliation evens skin tone over time and boosts your own natural glow.

Although we all have different skin types, tones, and conditions on a cellular level, all skin works the same. New skin cells form at the base of your epidermis (the outermost layer of your skin) and rise towards the top, where they shed off so that new ones can take their place. This process happens over and over agin for your entire life.

In children cell turnover happens pretty rapidly. Unfortunately, as we get older (as if we don’t have any enough #adulting problems) our bodies get less and less efficient at sloughing those cells off. Dead skin accumulates and as a result, our skin can look tired, full, dry, and even start breaking out.

Basically, what we’re trying to tell you is that all those tiny little cells on the very outermost layer of your skin are just weighing you down. They’re dead, done, old, news. Removing them will literally change your life.

Suffer from acne? Exfoliate. Dry skin? exfoliate. Dull skin? Exfoliate! We could go on all day.

Need help selecting the right exfoliant for your skin? You can email us at info@cleansefaceandbody.com

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