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Face Reality

Face Reality Vitamin A Corrective Serum

Face Reality Vitamin A Corrective Serum

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This serum is a game changer for acne-prone skin! Our powerful Vitamin A Corrective Serum helps clear up breakouts while improving hyperpigmentation—so you can (finally!) face reality. Get ready to say goodbye to blemishes, and hello to a brighter, clearer complexion!

Vitamin A Corrective Serum This high performance Retinal serum contains microencapsulated Retinaldehyde, the least irritating form of Vitamin A. Appropriate for all skin types. Not for use during pregnancy or nursing.

Must email: OR call/text: 480.420.3977 to purchase!

**This product is not available for in spa pickup 

  • Recommended for skin prone to non inflamed acne and aging.

  • Improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Apply 1 pump all over a clean face or affected area.

Do not use if you are pregnant or nursing.

Retinal: the first patented, stabilized microencapsulated version of Retinaldehyde

Abermat: absorbs excess sebum

Endothelyol: contains anti-inflammatory properties

Pacifeel: alleviates skin discomfort and can reduce the appearance of redness


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