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Refillable Ultimate Travel Set

Refillable Ultimate Travel Set

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Ready to make traveling a whole lot easier? Our Refillable Ultimate Travel Set has got your back! Keep your essentials organized in one place, with a cute travel set that's sure to make packing a breeze. No need to worry about losing track of your items—refill and repeat as much as you want! Get ready to explore the world in style!

This ultimate travel set meets TSA carry-on liquid requirements and is is BPA Free!

This set includes: 1 x 30ml spray bottle 2 x 30ml pump bottle 2 x 0.35oz mini jars 3 x 90ml flat pouch bottles 1 x 1qt reusable travel pouch 1 x mini funnel 1 x mini spatula 1 x mini pipette

  • Non-toxic and environmentally friendly 
  • Stylish design, looks good on your vanity
  • Mini packing tools for easy pouring
  • Dishwasher safe 


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